Autumn Term 2020

Parent’s Concert!                      

+ Marian’s Charity Challenge 

(by pupil suggestion!)

POSTPONED from May 2020  Let’s try again in the Summer Term 2021!!!

This is what I’m up to……

Currently preparing for a sponsored challenge for Muscular Dystrophy : aim is to learn to play the instruments I have at home, some left behind from the children’s schooldays and some never mastered/donated over the years.

 I am entered for Grade 1 Classical Guitar in November, having learnt from Suzuki Guitar book 1 during October (played folk guitar at college but always wanted to learn classical guitar).

Next term may be Grade 3 oboe (having done Gr 1&2 around 12 years ago for charity.) This is a big challenge!

Will keep you posted!

You are ALL invited to take part in an informal  recital  at the end of the Summer Term 2021 (hopefully)  for the family to watch. I will perform some of my challenge pieces on different instruments.

* prepare a short (or long) piece on ANY INSTRUMENT or voice to share with everyone

you could…

* play one of the children’s pieces, or just a Twinkle variation played well

* play a piece of your own choosing, of any standard

* play a duet with your child

* sing a pop song (I could accompany you on the piano, with some notice)

* play something on an instrument not played for a long time

* play something on an entirely new instrument  –  I can lend a cello, violin, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, flute, oboe, bassoon, recorders, harp or guitar (I can offer some assistance here if needed)

Please give this some serious thought – it is, of course, not an obligation, but it would be lovely to have enough support to perhaps make this a donation to charity event???

Let me have your opinions please.