Parental Role

There is a huge commitment from parents once a Suzuki programme has been decided upon and teachers ask parents to look very carefully at all the undertakings  before they embark on Suzuki lessons with their child.

Before lessons begin :

  • find out about the method from the BSI (British Suzuki Institute ) or other search
  • join the BSI
  • Buy the music  and CD
  • Listen to the CD and other music daily with the child so that the tunes are familiar before lessons start
  • Meet the teacher at her home to discuss further
  • Observe other children’s lessons as much as possible before starting
  • Purchase or rent a proper (not a keyboard) piano, footstool and adjustable stool (essential when the child is young, for proper balance)
  • be prepared to take short individual lessons from the teacher him/herself in order to help the child properly at home. (Need to be ahead of the child if only by a small way) and ideally continue until Book 1 pieces and technique are mastered

At Lessons :

The method differs very much from a traditional way of teaching and learning in that the parent who practices with the child at home must be actively involved in each lesson and be prepared to give total focus on note taking in response to what exactly is being taught. The parent must be willing to :

  • sit quietly, without interrupting, and take very detailed notes
  • not interrupt the lesson with additional comments to the child
  • turn off mobile phones at all times during the lesson (it is not a time for catching up on e-mails) as full attention is needed to take proper notes. A child needs to see that the parent is totally focused on the lesson and therefore a serious commitment to the task. This will help with home practice also
  • ask if there is an element not understood
  • be prepared that the teacher may focus on just one detail at each lesson and only one new point. The focus is on making review pieces more musical, therefore gaining more ability