Graduation is unique to the Suzuki Approach. Traditional teachers often prepare pupils for external exams but Suzuki pupils have the choice of preparing for Graduation, which is non-examining and experienced as a concert rather than examination.

Graduation takes place each Autumn with an mp3 file submission by the end of June. This year it is at Morley College, London on Sunday, September 30th.

Pupils are able to apply for Graduation when they have reached certain pieces in their books – usually a little ahead of the set Graduation piece :


Level 1 –  Minuet 2 in G in Book 2 No.5

Level 2 – Sonatina in G Major, 1st Movement by Beethoven in Book 2 No.12

Level 3 – Sonatina in C Major by Clementi in Book 3 No. 8

Level 4 – Minuets 1 & 2 + Gigue from Partita in Bb by J.S. Bach in Book 4 No.10


Level 1 – Come Lovely May by Mozart in Book 1 No.33

Level 2 – Minuet by Diepart in Book 2 No.12

Level 3 – Gigue from Sonata in (C) F by Handel : Book 3  No. 8 soprano & Book 3 No. 2 Alto

Level 4 – Sonata in E Minor by Handel in Book 4 No. 8 soprano & Book 3 No.7 Alto

Level 5 – Air L’Italien  by Telemann in Book 6 No.1

Graduation requires a highly polished set piece to be recorded and sent to the BSI for teachers to listen to/write a report on. The next step is, for piano students, to perform an own choice piece from their level at a Graduation Concert in London. For recorder pupils, the Graduation entry pieces are played within a Group Performance at the concert. At Level 5 and beyond a solo performance is usual.

Written reports and certificates are presented to the teachers at the Graduation Ceremony and then handed to pupils.