BSI Membership

Why pay membership to the British Suzuki Institute?

Here is a letter from the BSI :

Dear Parent,

Your Suzuki teacher has undertaken extensive post graduate training, is highly qualified and  committed to the belief that every child can be educated and flourish through this wonderful method. One of the requirements for families is that they must join the (please read T&C’s) BSI.

When the Suzuki method spread throughout the world, Dr. Suzuki established the international Suzuki Association and asked that all countries establish the International Suzuki Associations where teachers and parents would pay membership in order to further the future development of his method and provide concerts and events that support the children.

The British Suzuki Institute trains teachers, disseminates information and maintains the integrity of the method in the UK. The Suzuki philosophy is based on everyone working together to create an environment where children learn from one another in group activities such as the national Children’s Workshop (at Easter in London), Graduation, concerts and masterclasses. The BSI provides activities for members and supports their highly skilled teachers with continued professional development. Without financial support from every family it would be impossible for the association to exist.

Family membership of the BSI is £32 per year (£2.66 a month) and ensures that you can participate fully in your teacher’s studio and attend all the Suzuki activities provided throughout the country. You will also receive a quarterly magazine with Suzuki articles, news and Graduation listings.

By joining the BSI your family will benefit from the activities and services provided while also helping to support the training of Suzuki teachers for the future – so that other children can benefit from the approach as your children do.

The extraordinary and unique Suzuki events provided for BSI members gives your children the essential motivation and foundation that ensures their successful musical development.