Group Lessons

All Suzuki teachers arrange group lessons alongside individual lessons. They are not an optional extra. There are many aspects of being a musician which cannot be addressed solely at the individual lesson.

These take place to suit individual teachers time and can be weekly, 2 or 3 weeks apart, monthly , x2 a term or once a term.

Group Lessons are an important part of the Suzuki Method for many reasons…

  • unlike ‘group teaching’ (teaching all aspects to everyone at the same time, regardless of differing understanding) they are an extension of the individual lesson
  • to promote confidence, motivation and incentive
  • young children aspire to the older children (very noticeable at Summer School) and therefore become familiar with the repertoire
  • through the mutual sharing of ideas everyone benefits in musical and non-musical ways
  • children learn co-operation and to take turns
  • confidence and reassurance develops without an individual being exposed in group playing
  • children hear the repertoire at different levels so that they always know the pieces well
  • to learn music reading skills and theory through review pieces as a starting point
  • friendships develop within the group over time
  • parents meet other parents and can exchange concerns or ideas
  • children learn well from each other and when they are having fun!

The Suzuki method works through a whole philosophy of how human beings share and co-operate within groups. The individual teacher’s group lessons are a starting point…the  wider Suzuki network works through regional, national concerts and workshops and Summer Schools. It is a large international family and was Dr. Suzuki’s dream that the world would become more united through music. It is unique in this respect and places a great emphasis on a sharing of music in many different ways.

To read more on this look at Nurtured By Love, written by Dr. Suzuki, and Ability From Age Zero. Available on Amazon and through the  BSI website.