Spring Term 2022

   Captain Tom’s 100 Challenge         

So far I have raised an amazing £700 for Muscular Dystrophy, my chosen charity, with your help. THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed.

This is what I’m up to…..

The aim is to play and record from memory, 100 Suzuki pieces from 9 Suzuki repertoires…..

Piano      Organ       Recorder     Flute      Guitar      Violin      Cello       Harp       Trumpet

The challenge being that I am only really proficient on 2 of these instruments. The rest are at very different stages of competency – indeed, with the trumpet, which I have never tried before, you will see hilarious incompetency and I challenge a guess as to the name of the (well known) Suzuki tune! 

NEW YEAR RESOLUTION … to complete this challenge! I have recorded 84 videos, so I need to do 14 more! Outstanding instruments are violin and cello, neither of which I can play, so I have been putting it off! TIME TO GET GOING AGAIN.

CONGRATULATIONS  to the children who Graduated  in October last term :

Piano Level 1 and 2 – Liya, Anya, Diwen, Alex

Recorder Level 1 – Sophia, Daniel, Jess; Level 2 &3 – Linlu; Level 3 – Zhenya,    Level 5 – Liya, Anya

Recorder Trinity Grade 8 (non Suzuki) – Nidhi Sam

Flute Level 1 – Linlu

Also, congratulations to Toby & Alex for taking part in the Maidstone Music Festival in November. Alex won a 1st. place medal in his class, playing Sonatina in C by Beethoven from Book 2.