Autumn Term 2022

   Teacher Training

To let you know that I am continuing with Level 4 piano training this academic year and that there are weekends  away in London, therefore no lessons. Dates opposite.

Recorder Summer School in Malvern (August 2nd.-7th.) Attended by Sophia (1st. time) and Emily, Sophie and Cameron (11th. time)

CONGRATULATIONS  to the children who will play at Graduation Concerts in London this term…

Piano Level 1 – Sophia and Zhenya  (Minuet 2 in Book 2)

Piano Level 2 – Sophia (Sonatina in G by Beethoven  – end of Book 2)

Piano Level 3 – Liya, Alex and Diwen (Sonatina in C by Clementi – end of Book 3)

Recorder Level 4 – Zhenya   (Allegro from Sonata in A minor by Handel)

Level 6 – Liya, Anya (Allegro from Sonata in F by J.S. Bach)

Recorder Trinity Grade 8 (non Suzuki) – Nidhi Sam

THANK YOU to all those who have taken part in the Summer events – concerts and Picnic Workshop in June, July and September.