Pupil Awards

I hope these new ideas will be helpful in encouraging the children and providing an incentive. They are not intended to be competitive in any way. They will be awarded at each Group Lesson.

Twinkle Award

I have a small engraved Star Trophy for completion of all 4 Twinkles with very good technique, and, for the very little people, a large Star cut out for each Twinkle mastered (a huge achievement for 3/4 yr olds)

Minuet Award

A new addition is a small, engraved Star (decorated with music notes) Trophy awarded for completion of the 3 Minuets in a row in Piano Book 2  and Recorder Book 2/3 where there are 5 Minuets (again, a big achievement and worthy of a reward)

Book Review Medals

At the end of each Suzuki book, a Star Medal (bronze, silver and gold) is awarded after completion of the whole book review recital.

Small prizes

Small prizes are offered for various holiday and other challenges i.e..

* learning Daily Do

* end of year/term practice book star points

* the most completed practice book charts

* 1 minute note reading quest, on 3 levels (please ask at your lesson)

100 day practice chart (please ask if you would like to try this National Suzuki challenge)